Chris Brook

Founder & Operations Manager
Chris Brook DairySmart

About Chris

Chris is the founder of DairySmart and is heavily involved with growing all aspects of the company. Chris’ passion for animal health and a drive to improve current methods led him to develop the technology and systems that became DairySmart. His ability to really connect to farmers and provide immediate results led to a number of key investors backing the company to grow and expand.

Chris has been involved in agriculture all his life after being raised on a sheep, beef and mixed cropping farm in mid-Canterbury. His interest in mastitis stemmed from when he was unexpectedly confronted with a mastitis issue that caused significant animal health issues and stock losses. It prompted him to leave farm management and pursue a career in farm services where he developed his expertise in mastitis causation, which he studied diligently to assist farmers in managing mastitis.

Chris and his wife Selena and their two very busy teenage children involved in Rugby, basketball, boxing, and hunting in their spare time. His eldest 2 girls and 2 grandchildren children follow in his footsteps, working in the dairy industry in the South Island.

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