James Bourke

James Bourke DairySmart

About James

James began his career in the dairy industry after completing high school. He started as a farm assistant and has since progressed to owning a herd as a sharemilker, and taking on large dairy herd oversight roles. During this time James crossed paths with “Brooksy,” who had a unique approach to mastitis and udder health, combining science and cow-side common sense. Impressed with the results, James partnered with Chris, with the help of his former boss and mentor Mike Prattley to form DairySmart.

When James is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife Ceri and their three daughters, Kara, Cate, and Charlotte, engaging in outdoor  activities such as hunting, hiking, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors.

Contact Info

Phone : 0800 762 753
Email : info@dairysmart.co.nz