Mike Prattley

Managing Director
Mike Prattley DairySmart

About Mike

Mike and his wife Anne are dairy famers from Swannanoa, overseeing the management of three dairy farms. Mike was one of the first to give Chris the backing and support to launch DairySmart. He was motivated to share his experience using Chris’ expertise and systems with other farmers and help them adopt best practices to improve the health and productivity of their herds.

When one of the farms experienced a severe problem with Staphylococcus, Mike and Anne sought the help of Chris. Through careful management and control, the issue was successfully resolved by the end of calving season. This experience led them to recognize the importance of proactive mastitis management and shed hygiene.

Mike and Anne have three teenage children who are all pursuing exciting careers in the agriculture industry.

Contact Info

Phone : 0800 762 753
Email : info@dairysmart.co.nz