Know Your Bugs.
Use Less Drugs.

Antibiotic Resistance is a real threat. To people, to your animals and to your livelihood.

The DairySmart diagnostic system offers practical, microbiological culturing for every cow in your herd and is an accurate way to manage mastitis while helping tackle the threat of Antibiotic Resistance.

Take back control of mastitis today, its cheaper than you might think...

Less Antibiotics
Less Costs


Antibiotic resistance

Better outcomes for thousands of cows screened *


DairySmart identifies the actual bugs in udders. This is significantly more accurate than using SCC data to decide antibiotic treatments.

Less Antibiotics

DairySmart farmers used 45% less Dry Cow Therapy than they would have if using the SCC algorithm.

Non Inferior

DairySmart showed that SCC & Clinical Mastitis outcomes in the next lactation did not worsen despite using far less antibiotics.

Farmer Confidence

Farmers can confidently transition from blanket DCT knowing that they are not missing cows that need antibiotics.

* Summary of a randomised clinical trial – Mason W.A et al, In Press and an analysis of 4,185 cow field data from the 2022 dry-off by EpiVets.

The DairySmart Toolbox

DairySmart won the 2023 Innovation title at the National Primary Industry Awards. We have created a set of advanced and unique tools that allow us to offer mass scale on-farm diagnostic testing for an effective and efficient dry-off.

Our technology includes a unique patent-pending inflow sampling tool, RFID milk sampling matched electronically to the cows EID tag to eliminate handling errors and digital imaging read by AI machine learning software that greatly speeds up sample analysis. We are partnered with a certified National Animal Health Laboratory to provide reporting to the highest possible standard. 

In most cases farmers and vets can expect to see diagnostic results in a dedicated on-line app within 48 hours. We identify which cows are infected with which pathogen enabling better decision making around antibiotic and teatsealant use. 

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