SCC vs culture based approach

Why SCC is a poor predictor for antibiotic treatment
  • Traditional herd test sampling carries a high risk of contamination.
  • Low SCC cows can still have major pathogens – these trojan cows spread infection in the herd.
  • Cows with minor pathogens may be treated or culled unnecessarily when only using SCC data.
  • Treating cows with minor pathogens leads to higher levels of antibiotic use.
Benefits of culture based screening
  • No cross contamination between samples.
  • Quick results – you receive them within 48 hours.
  • For each cow, you know the actual pathogen she has.
  • Sensitivity and resistance testing ensures antibiotic treatments are effective.
  • Post diagnosis treatment plan can address root causes for pathogens addressed.

Using a culture based approach to manage mastitis in your herd is much more accurate and efficient than using SCC data

We have the science to prove it

DairySmart – Leaders in mastitis management

DairySmart has been developed by farmers for farmers, to use science to help manage real problems faced every day managing mastitis.

Our goal is to provide farmers with science based process to quickly and cost effectively sample cows, incubate and scientifically test results with a very high degree of accuracy.

Using Science To Manage Mastitis

Our Services

DairySmart provides a range of culture based services designed to fit with your farming programme and operation.
  • Whole herd screening
  • Bulk Milk Tank analysis
  • Farmside in season mastitis testing
  • Expertise on hygiene best practice
  • Sale or purchase cow mastitis screening

Why choose dairy smart?

Because we know Mastitis
DairySmart has been developed and is owned by farmers who have been in your boots. We know the pain and stress mastitis causes.
Because we'll save you money
DairySmart will help you accurately treat the right bugs with the right drugs, and eliminate the unnecessary treatment of minor pathogens.
Because we deal with the evidence
DairySmart will help you implement an evidence based mastitis management process so you can make the best decisions for your farm.
Because technology is the future
DairySmart uses innovative technology that increases traceability, removes human error and delivers results to you within 48 hours.
Because our results are proven
Clinical trials have shown DairySmart identifies more major pathogens than herd tests, and uses less antibiotics.

Our Technology

Inflow Sampling
Our Inflow Sample Tool* allows us to take a sample from each cow at the end of her milking inflow behind the cluster. This eliminates teat debris and contamination of cups from previous cows, and means we can conduct onfarm sampling of a herd of 800 cows in approximately 5hours
Jupiter Plate Reader
Our Jupiter Plate Reader means farmers can incubate culture plates on-farm for 24 hours, then place them in the Jupiter to automatically upload the plates to our cloud based software and receive results back within 1 hour.
EID Tags & RFID Pottles
Our specially developed wand allows us to take the cow’s EID and patch it directly to our RFID sample pottles after taking each sample. This means accurate data and eliminates human error.
DairySmart App
The results from the tests are displayed on the DairySmart App for both the farmer and the nominated veterinarian. The app shows the results per cow and for the herd the proportion of cows with a major pathogen, minor pathogen, CNS and no growth. The app allows farmers to review the current result and compare to any previous test results.

Sample Technology

We have developed innovative new technology* to revolutionise and speed up the sampling process.

Watch the short video to see it in action.

Plating & Results

Find out how we use technology to analyse results when you use our in-season on-farm testing or a herd mastitis screen.

Watch the short video to see it in action.

*Technology developed by DairySmart is subject to NZ Provisional Patent Application No.’s 797087 and 797695

Case Study: Oscar Farming

75% less dry cow antibiotics than previous season and 90% less than 2 seasons ago.
55% less incidence of mastitis than previous 2 years.
33% reduction in SCC.


Mike Prattley


Oscar Farm’s overall animal health costs have significantly reduced since using DairySmart


Farm staff report they feel less stress, with more time to do their job with healthier cows.

Proven results from clinical trial

A randomised clinical intervention study has been recently completed to assess and compare the predictive ability of DairySmart against traditional Herd-test dry cow decision making, and the effects on both clinical mastitis and subclinical mastitis.

The trial received ethical approval through AgResearch animal ethics committee, AEC number 15608. The trial was managed jointly by Epivets and Rangiora Vet Centre and took place in 2022.

  • The trial made a comparison between DairySmart and traditional Herd Test approach for predicting infection. (Based on Gribbles “Gold Standard” culture)
  • The trial measured major pathogens, minor pathogens and antibiotic usage.
  • Both clinical and sub clinical outcomes were recorded.
Predicts more pathogens
DairySmart correctly predicted more major pathogens compared to herd test.
Less antibiotics
DairySmart allocated less antibiotic treatments compared to herd test
Lower clinical mastitis
DairySmart resulted in non-inferior rates of clinical mastitis the following spring compared to herd test. We are doing no harm by leaving minor pathogens untreated
Keeps SCC low
DairySmart was non-inferior for individual cow SCC the following spring compared to herd test. We are not causing SCC to rise, despite using significantly less antibiotics

Full clinical trial information is available. Please contact us to find out more information

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Ben Lissington

Ardan View – 550 Cows
“We’ve only treated 3 cows this year. Two at the start and one just last week. So it’s a game changer”

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