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DairySmart provides a full range of smart diagnostic services using award-winning AI technology as part of their toolbox

Jupiter Plates, Reader and
the power of AI

Our plates are specially designed to allow very accurate separation of major pathogens from the background noise of normal contaminants and minor pathogens. Our Jupiter reader allows our laboratory partner, SVS Laboratories, to catalogue every sample and using specially developed AI software we can rapidly read many thousands of plates.

Jupiter readers can also  be set up on farm for “in-season” plate reading of cows with mastitis. You’re not limited to 4 samples a day with our reader… the only limit is how many plates you can incubate and put through the machine!

DairySmart App

Test results are displayed on our DairySmart App for the farmer and their nominated vet so that an accurate treatment plan can be made during their usual consultative process.

EID Tags - RFID Reader -
RFID Bottles

Our specially developed wand allows us to take the cow’s EID and patch it directly to its RFID sample pottle, eliminating data recording errors. 

At the laboratory the EID contained on the pottle gets patched across to an RFID on the agar plate, once again eliminating data recording errors. 

Inflow sampling

Our validated and patent-pending inflow sampler tool enables us to take a clean milk sample from just behind the milking cluster. This is much faster than hand sampling methods – 800 cows can be done in 5 hours.

Part of the design secret to this tool is in the way it ensures that no residual milk or bacteria is left from the previous cow to give an erroneous result. We have also shown that when the cows are prepped properly before the cups go on, the in-line unit gives less contaminated samples than the traditional method of hand sampling!

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