DairySmart founder, Chris Brook spent over 20 years as a dairy farmer where he experienced first-hand the frustration of dealing with repeated episodes of mastitis that traditional approaches were not effective in resolving.

This led Chris to embark on several years of research, during which he has developed a science-based approach to manage mastitis that can be implemented from a farmers’ perspective.

Using Science To Manage Mastitis
Chris Brook DairySmart

Founder & Operations Manager

Chris is the founder of DairySmart and is heavily involved with growing all aspects of the company. Chris’ passion for animal health and a drive to improve current methods led him to develop the technology and systems that became DairySmart. His ability to really connect to farmers and provide immediate results led to a number of key investors backing the company…

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Mike Prattley DairySmart

Managing Director

Mike and his wife Anne are dairy famers from Swannanoa, overseeing the management of three dairy farms. Mike was one of the first to give Chris the backing and support to launch DairySmart. He was motivated to share his experience using Chris’ expertise and systems with other farmers and help them adopt best practices to improve the health and productivity…

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North Island Representative.

Ryan MedlinNorth Island ManagerAbout RyanRyan Medlin, one of our distinguished experts in mastitis management. With a solid background in the dairy farming industry, Ryan has dedicated the last decade to conducting in-depth research and providing invaluable assistance to farms seeking to optimize their somatic cell count (SCC) and mastitis control. His passion for enhancing on-farm…

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Tony Reynolds DairySmart

Tony Reynolds is a seasoned dairy farmer who began his career in the late 1980s and currently runs a dairy farming operation with his wife Sue. Over the years, Tony has developed a strong passion for animal health and mastitis management. It was through his use of DairySmart and early insight into the results that led to an opportunity to become involved as a director…

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James Bourke DairySmart


James began his career in the dairy industry after completing high school. He started as a farm assistant and has since progressed to owning a herd as a sharemilker, and taking on large dairy herd oversight roles. During this time James crossed paths with “Brooksy,” who had a unique approach to mastitis and udder health, combining science and cow-side common sense…

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Ben Davidson DairySmart

Veterinary Advisor

Bens interest in DairySmart stems from his masters which he completed in 2019, studying emerging infectious diseases which affect the health of both humans and animals globally. Antimicrobial resistance is one such disease and Ben is excited to be a part of the Dairysmart team and technology, which drives the appropriate stewardship and prescribing of antibiotics…

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